"This workshop was one of the best workshops I attended because it provided me with practical techniques and strategies on how to integrate music into the classroom with any subject. Also, the students enjoyed playing the instruments and were fully engaged."

Jessica A. Sanchez

Teacher - PS17 5th Grade

"I will definitely use the information I received in my classroom. I will use the instruments to reinforce numbers, shapes, and color recognition. Literacy will come to life in my classroom with the combination of musical instruments and drama. The workshop really got me thinking all the wonderful things we can do in the classroom just by using musical instruments."

Evelyn Santiago

Teacher - PS3 Pre-K

"‘Educating the mind without the heart is no education at all’ (Aristotle 387-322 BCE.) Ms. Cohen exposed us to an unfamiliar world and made the journey enjoyable. We received good solid resource material, plus additional sources to tap to enhance and improve our classroom and teaching skills."

Jean Burns

Teacher - PS 3 Art

"I really liked using these instruments and will use it with my students. So far I am using it every once a week. I enjoyed it so much that I know kids will enjoy it more."

Madhvi Alane

Teacher - Fifth Grade

"It was really interesting, as well as daily part of our life as everyone has to say many, many times to our own kids. So parents can say musically."


Speaking of Parenting Musically workshop

"I really like your workshop. Topic is very interesting, and also I like how you talk while workshop. I could get a lot of ideas for parenting and energy from you.

Well, my parenting has become calm just a little bit since last year. I need more patience (of course!), but now I had idea from your workshop when I’m upset. My children are active as ever. But they also had idea when I’m upset. They suggest me to listen to the music. It’s so funny. (Children are smarter than parents…)

My first son go the guitar from his grandfather. He is very exciting to play them even though it’s not anything like music. Second one wants to play drum. My husband and I are considering now…(We live apartment building…)

And one more…we visited to some museum last year. My sons loved American Museum of Natural History. After we visited there, I could see little differences from my sons. Their interesting was cartoon characters before. But now their interestings are animals, dinosaurs…etc. So, they don’t watch TV like before.

I’m so sorry to write so much (and also it’s not good English…). I just want to say one more time, I’m glad to take your workshop again!! Thank you very much!!"

Mutsumi Kobayashi

Speakingof Children's Song Workshop

"Beth Cohen’s supplemental music program provides students with a hands-on approach to learning. Students are actively engaged in the learning process through the use of the instruments. It is a great alternative to traditional teaching styles, especially for students that have difficulty with focus and attention. The program offers a unique and organized supplemental way to introduce and reinforce instruction. Additionally, Beth has great energy and engages all students effectively."

Lisa Freda

Collab. Consultant Teacher
Jersey City Public School #20 2010-2011

"In our classroom, students read the novel "A Real American" as part of a pen pal program with 4th grade students in Rockaway, NJ. Using Beth Cohen's program, we summarized each chapter of the book incorporating music and drama. Students also linked their dramatized summaries to our school motto, which encourages positive, safe, respectful behavior. Students illustrated each component of our motto that they observed in the novel using musical instruments and pantomime. As a culminating activity, students proudly presented their work on stage to our third and fifth grades during our School Spirit Celebration.

Her program easily lends itself to differentiated instruction, as well as multiple learning intelligences, both being instructional practices that are encouraged in all content areas. Our students were thoroughly engaged and excited to participate in each lesson. They will not likely forget their experiences reading "A Real American"."

Christy Caruso

Jersey City Public School PS #20 2010-2011

"Ms. Cohen has allowed both our teachers and students to experience music throughout the curriculum. The teachers have benefited from workshops that have the children very excited about their daily routine through simple musical intros. The children just love Ms. Cohen as she presents her wonderful assortment of musical instruments for the children to share with her.

Music is often an area in the curriculum that is overlooked, especially in a regular classroom setting. Through Ms. Cohen’s time and patience, music has become an integral part of our daily lessons.

Ms. Cohen would indeed be an asset to any school system."

Maureen Hoffman

Director - Primary Prep Elem. & Middle School

"Adding excitement to the mundane classroom work with music. Anyone can do it!

Musical instruments can be integrated into any subject matter. I loved the idea of making the troubled student the star."

Hillary Simmons

Teacher 5th & 6th Transition Spec. Ed.

"Cohen Arts & Education “music in the general classroom” workshops are well received by our teachers, giving them practical tools to promote student achievement in the general classroom. Classroom demonstrations and coaching, provided on a weekly basis, have supported classroom management and student engagement. Teachers and students have experienced a uniquely creative process of standards based learning through musical activities.

Cohen Arts & Education has also provided our school with the Parent Outreach program of family cultural arts field trips. Students and their parents have been encouraged “to turn off the tv” and engage in the arts through trips to venues such as the Metropolitan Museum, local theater, and musical concerts.

All services provided by Cohen Arts & Education have met and exceeded our expectations of delivery and content.

I highly recommend Cohen Arts & Education and the services which it provides."

Ruth Hernandez-Vega

Principal Frank R. Conwell School – PS#3

"I enjoyed so much and Ms. Beth is very helpful and nice."


Parent of 3rd Grade Student - PS11