We help Strengthen Parent Involvement through the Arts

Fear NO Arts!

We teach parents how to engage their children in the arts and where to find low cost cultural field trips for the family.  Our offerings include free field trips to cultural venues such as museums, concerts, theater, dance and local recreation venues and events.

Learn the Art of Parenting

Learn through musical and arts concepts how to approach the day to day challenges of parenting.

Appreciate the Mozart Effect/Classical Connections

Parents learn how classical music helps intellectual and emotional growth and are provided information on the what, where, who and how in order to easily and economically listen to classical music in the home.

Children’s Music for the Home

We teach parents folk and children’s songs from the American past and present and provide resources for them to sing-a-long with their children in the home and car. This is especially helpful for ESOL/Adult Literacy Parents.

Community/School Concerts

We present combined student and local professional events that attract parent involvement and community interest in your school.  These events can also be used as fundraisers for your parent association.

CAE programs teach and mentor parents with fun and engaging arts based activities. Our programs strengthen parental involvement in the school and help parents to actively engage in their children’s educational and personal development in fun and creative ways.

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