Cohen Arts & Education can help your school with Professional Development, Support for Testing and Parent Outreach

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Professional Development

Workshops & Classroom Coaching/Support

Supply easy to use and time sensitive strategies for music based academic activities, especially for non-musically experienced teachers.

With our turn-key programs your school community will be able to:

  • Reinvigorate teaching performance
  • Support state standards
  • Meet NCLB benchmarks
  • Use creative inclusion strategies
  • Implement positive approaches to character education and behavior modification
  • Create a dynamic and unified learning community
  • Cohen Arts & Education is a registered New Jersey Professional Development Provider and contracted Vendor with the New York City Department of Education

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Testing Support

For schools struggling to meet AYP

Our programs have helped increase test scores by:

  • Increasing student engagement in the classroom with kinesthetic and creative activities
  • Revitalizing teacher engagement in the classroom with innovative and unique approaches to curriculum
  • Motivating the entire classroom to do more with their learning with special hands on activities
  • Building an environment of achievement with engaging projects
  • Giving a sense of recognition with exciting student-centered presentations

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Parent Outreach Programs

Attract more parent involvement in your school with entertaining and engaging workshops and events. Our programs will motivate your parents:

  • By encouraging parents to “turn the TV off” and showing them to easily use arts activities in the home
  • By teaching parents how to become more involved in their children’s creativity and in turn become more active in their children’s academic progress
  • By helping them find fun and low-cost cultural and recreational experiences that will support the well being of their entire family

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Cohen Arts & Education Has Worked With:

  • Hoboken Public Schools
  • Guttenberg Public Schools
  • Jersey City Public Schools
  • New York City Department of Education
  • Elizabeth Public Schools
  • Edison Charter Schools
  • Advantage Charter Schools
  • All Saints School
  • Jersey City
  • Beginning With Children Charter School
  • Montessori Children’s House, Boys & Girls Club of Hudson County
  • NJ After 3