Music Enhances Learning

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Over and over again we hear from the experts that music makes a significant and positive difference in the education of our children. Writing on how scientists are now trying to objectively asses the effects of music on emotions, behavior and cognition, this NY Times Article reminds us not only that we can use music in our schools to strengthen academic achievement, modify behavior, and build a stronger learning community but that we must use music even more.   Go beyond general music, chorus or band and take advantage of the full power of music integrated and supporting the academic...

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Sometimes Less Is More

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In these days of text messaging and the official language incorporating elements such as: OMG, LOL and IMHO, teachers are reminded that less can be more at times. There is a very good article on the NY Times Opinion section on this very subject. Perhaps there is hope for all our futures in writing Amazon reviews or YouTube descriptions. Who knows? In the meantime, enjoy and happy...

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