Beth Cohen is the founder and driving force behind Cohen Arts & Education.

Beth taught music for over 25 years in private and public schools throughout the New York metropolitan area where she developed a reputation as a program builder.

Through that experience she gained some key insights:

  • A fundamental need of students, teachers and schools, no matter what their economic, cultural or academic character, is creativity
  • Arts based academic instruction is a potent tool that can ignite and reinvigorate the student and teacher, and unify and strengthen the academic community
  • Arts based academic activities provide much needed kinesthetic learning experiences, especially for our challenged students
  • Arts based academic activities are easy to replicate and less costly than pre-packaged academic programs
  • Arts based academic activities can ADD to pre-packaged academic programs which might, over the years, otherwise become stale to classroom educators
  • Arts based academic activities remind our teachers that they are artists and reinvigorate their personal and creative approaches to differentiated learning
  • When music and the arts are segregated from mainstream academics both are weakened. Arts based academic activities re-integrate the arts and academics and as a result both are strengthened
  • The first obstacle to including the arts in schools is money.  The second obstacle is time.  Both obstacles are easily solved with arts based academic activities
  • Parents will become more involved in schools when their children are engaged in arts presentations. Or, parents feel a sense of obligation when they come to their children’s report card nights, but parents feel a sense of pride and excitement when they  come to their children’s concert, theater, dance or art presentation.
  • There are many easy, time sensitive and economical ways to present children’s creativity to the parent community beyond the “big night”
  • The more parents expose their children to the arts at home the better those children do academically and socially at school
  • There is a difference between being entertained by the arts and being engaged in the arts
  • In this media saturated modern day world, parents need help in accessing and providing creative and arts based activities which engage their children

Beth has served as an educational consultant and professional development provider since 1989.  Through this work she also came to the understanding that many educational communities, educators and parents are intimidated by the seeming complexities of the arts and often turn to outside providers for pre-packaged and media based materials and “one shot deal “ arts residencies.

In response to this she has developed programs, tools and resources that provide a more organic way of infusing the arts into our children’s daily lives.

Beth received a Bachelors degree from Brandeis University in Music and an Masters degree in orchestral conducting from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.  She has conducted orchestras and ensembles in the New York City area including: The Stevens Institute of Technology Orchestra, the Garden State Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, the New American Chamber Orchestra, the SGI National Womans Chorus and the Interschool Orchestras of New York. Her work as a conductor was featured on CBS News “Sunday Morning ”, in the New York Times Sunday Magazine and the New York Times Classical Review section.

Beth has been has been a panelist, presenter and workshop leader at numerous educational events. She has been both featured guest and keynote speaker at parent and community sponsored events such as the Jersey City Public Schools Parents as Partners conference.

Beth is also the founder and Music Director of Youth Music Group, a non-profit organization based in Jersey City, NJ with a mission of providing opportunities for youth to engage in music:  the Hudson County Intergenerational Community Band, Classical Teen Radio and the Jersey City Youth Chorus (

She has received a number of awards and prizes for her work in music and youth:

  • Woman of Action award / Jersey City, New Jersey Office of the Mayor & City Council
  • Jersey City, New Jersey Proclamation of Commendation
  • Brandeis University Alumni Prize
  • Aspen Music Festival Scholarship
  • Rautbord Award in Music
  • Greene Memorial Prize in Music
  • Sachar International Fellowship
  • Phi Beta Kappa
  • Goldfarb Entrance Award
  • V.F.W. Scholarship Award
  • American Legion Award

Beth’s personal mission is to transform the lives of young people, and to reinvigorate our educational institutions and communities through music.